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Glass Panes

Glass and double glazing installation with Blackley Installs

We're here to help make installing your double glazing throughout Staffordshire as straightforward as possible.

Knowledgeable professionals

Reliable service

Tailored to suit your needs

Expert advice on your glass

Whether you need double glazing installation or replacement glass for your doors or windows, Blackley Installs will advise you on what you need. We have experience of bringing our knowledge and specialist expertise to projects across Staffordshire. 

Plant by a window with blinds

Glass replacement

If you're having issues with your glass, we can provide quick and convenient replacement with new, high-quality glass. Whether it's for your windows at home or a large-scale project, we'll have the glass that suits your requirements, and will provide full, expert installation. 

Double glazing installation

No window is complete without high-quality double glazing, to moderate the temperature of your building, make it more energy efficient and even reduce noise. We'll be able to advise you on your double glazing, and what we can do to help you.

Large commercial building lots of windows
Glass windows in the corner of a large commercial building with exposed brickwork

Specialist advice

If you're not sure what glass or glazing you might need, that's what we're here for! We'll be on hand to talk through your requirements, and can advise on what would be most suitable for your project. 

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